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Yelp Wanted: Yelp Doesn't Care About Stabbed People

If you ever get stabbed in the eye with a stiletto at a local club, don't go looking for assistance on Yelp in finding your at-large attackers. After a female clubgoer and her eye were seriously assaulted in the restroom of Slide, the Union Square velvet-rope nightclub with an already-checkered past, a Yelp-using friend of the victim shared the story and a photo of the still-anonymous women under suspicion for the bathroom barrage.

Almost immediately, a deluge of concerned Yelpsters responded with sympathetic messages to the victim and ideas for furthering the hunt for the attackers.


Following the onslaught of caring messages, Yelp moderators completely pulled the conversation. The deleted thread is still visible—for now—through Google cache, and frankly, there doesn't seem to be anything remotely inflammable on the thread.

As for the victim, she might lose an eye while the attackers have not been caught. Photos of both the victim (warning: graphic) and the attackers, as well as more information about the incident, can be found at SF Weekly. Slide, meanwhile, has not yet released a statement.
· Stiletto Stabbers Still At Large After Violence at San Francisco Club Slide [The Snitch]