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The Dish: Prana Moseys Into SoMa Space

After one of the longer opening delays in recent memory, Prana finally opened this week in the same building as SoMa hotspot Temple. Part of the reason for the seemingly-perpetual postponement may be the chef shuffle that went down right before Prana's original opening. Jamie Lauren (once of Levende) jumped ship in favor of Hayes Valley's Absinthe, leaving the kitchen to James Jardine. The chef change is evident in the shift in the restaurant's philosophy: originally rumored to be a strictly Indian megarestaurant, Prana's menu now showcases a more Pan-Asian, Californian bent. Another factor that may have led Prana to shy away from an all-Indian menu: Sutra's recent shuttering.

Also, early reports from an Eater tipster indicate that the interior is very minimalist and, well, white. Yes, very white.