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Cafe Gratitude Responds to Mugging Indifference

Last week, a mugging victim stumbled into the Mission location of Cafe Gratitude, that haven of vegan, hippie feel-goodness with menu items like "i am cozy" and "i am precious." According to Sam from Becks & Posh, the problem was that following the violent mugging, "not one member of Cafe Gratitude's staff did anything at all" to help the traumatized victim.

The inflammatory post spread through the interwebs like wildfire and today, owner Terces Engelhart responded to the allegations of hypocrisy and indifference.

The full email, after the jump:

From Becks & Posh:

Dear Sam,

Someone brought me a print out of Grub Report today that referenced your
site and a blog about your friend Enidd and her husband. I am grateful
that you have a contact opportunity on your site. Thank you.

I appreciate you sharing your friends experience, of course as an owner of
Cafe Gratitude I wish it had gone some other way so we could have resolved
their situation in the moment and not have had both a disappointed couple
and an upset friend.

I certainly wished we had offered Enidd something too, and am a bit amazed
that she was somehow overlooked. That certainly is not our intention. I
can't imagine a single one of our employees not being sympathetic and
caring had they known her situation. For what occured as the lack of our
caring I apologize.

It would be great to know the specifics so we can address the issue as an
opportunity for training and growth. Are you willing to share the date
and time of the occurance? Do you know if Enidd made any requests? Did
she let anyone know she needed help or support? That information would be
most helpful.

Please let your friends know that we apologize for overlooking their needs
that night and are grateful for the opportunity to take responsibility and
learn from our mistake.

We do honestly attempt to reach out to people and to conduct our business
in a conscious caring manner, offering not only food that heals but also
an experience that does that as well.

Again thank you for this opportunity and for your dedication to your
friends, I can hear your upset and again apologize for leaving them with
anything other than an experience of community."

Much gratitude,
Terces Engelhart
Cafe Gratitude, owner

· A Response from Cafe Gratitude [Becks & Posh]

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