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The Shutter: Pizza Places Go Down

San Francisco is one of the most unforgiving restaurant environments in the country, which means that The Shutter will be getting quite the workout 'round these parts. Home to all colors of closings and broken dreams, The Shutter relies heavily on reader tips, so feel free to share your findings.

NOPA: After an attempt to sell in May, The Panhandle Pizza Company and its cornmeal-slice goodness ran into the shutter this weekend. In addition to Nopa's newfound trendiness (read: skyrocketing rent), problems with the health department may have also had something to do with the closing ... also, no business. [Metroblogging SF]

ELSEWHERE: Indian pizza places are always fun to experiment with—Zante's in the Mission is still a destination for adventurous eaters everywhere—but you shan't be making a tikka-pizza trip to Desi Pizza in Sunnyvale. The on-again, off-again pizza parlor has finally called it quits. Apparently, the slogan: "Two Great Cultures! One Great Pie!" didn't bring in the crowds. [Shutter]