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Plywood Report: South Beach Rising!

This here is the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing source for the next generation of San Francisco restaurants still in various stages of construction. From splashy, big-name endeavors to smaller remodelings, we've got you covered. See something a-brewing in your neighborhood? Drop us a line. Also: bonus points and a gold star sticker if you include photos.


1) South Beach: San Francisco gets its first taste of the Land Down Under with South Food + Wine Bar, an ambitious undertaking at 330 Townsend Street between 4th and 5th Streets. The project is headed by chef-owner Luke Mangan, formerly of the Sydney Hilton. Look for lots of traditional dishes from Australia and (get excited) New Zealand; opening is set for next Monday. More info on the Aussies behind South on the official site. [Plywood]


2) Bonus South Beach: Location number three of Burger Joint is not quite ready to get off the ground. As seen on the storefront, opening was anticipated to be summer 2007, but according to a tipster at the Valencia branch, the opening date is still completely up in the air ("maybe November"). You can, however, expect the same menu as the other locations. 242 King Street, a block from AT&T Park. [Plywood]

Got more ply for us? We love tips!