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EaterWire PM Edition: A16 Keeps On, Zazie Adds Pups

Now with 50% more canines. [Photo: Flickr/agco]

MARINA—While SPQR gets the all the attention, A16 continues to do its thing down on Chestnut. On the menu tonight: roasted chanterelle mushroom pizza with fresh ricotta and house-made lardo. [Good Day SF]

COLE VALLEY—Starting next, Mondays will be "bring your doggie to dinner night" at Zazie. The lil' French bistro is also offering a discount on Mutt Lynch's "Portrait of a Mutt" Zinfandel to honor the dogs. Or the fact the Monday is over. Either way. [NTF]

SOMA—Another fabled bar dive down: The Eagle Drift-In Lounge is no more and will apparently morph into an "upscale sports bar." Does anyone know what happened? New owners? The tip line awaits. [SFist]

UNION SQUARE—Still no movement at the new O'Farrell location Sultan, right across from the Union Square Hilton. Says a Chowhounder: "Alas, as of ... September 25th, the windows were still covered up in brown parchment paper." [Chowhound]


2355 Chestnut Street, , CA 94123 (415) 771-2216 Visit Website