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Curbed SF: The Second Coming

As if the birth of this site wasn't enough for one day, today also marks the debut of a new editor at our sister site Curbed SF—one Sarah Hromack. First, in case you're not familiar with that site, Curbed SF first launched in 2006 and has been covering real estate, architecture and design, and our neighborhoods ever since.

But, we're going to call today something of a second coming for Curbed, as in addition to all of the standard fare, starting now there will be lots more of it and myriad hot new features coming at you, too. There is Curbed Inside, which gets us a sneak peak at come of the city's finest new developments; Storefronting, tracking the latest and greatest in retail store news; and Greener Than Thou, a real gem, if we do say so, in which all things green, good and bad, will be explored, oh yes they will. And there's plenty more coming as well.

Even if you're not particularly real estate minded, you do live here. For those rare moments when living does not exactly translate to eating, you've got Curbed. Go say hello.
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