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EaterWire: From North Beach to Kitchen Stadium!

NORTH BEACH—Signs that a venue just might be on its last legs? We've got two words for you: ticket. giveaway. From Jazz at Pearl's, on the ripe corner of Broadway and Columbus: "Come see Jazz and Blues lion Terrence Brewer on us this weekend! Reply with the correct answer to below question and get one of the 20 pairs of tickets we have waiting for you!" [EaterWire Inbox]

SOMA—Don't look now, but notable rumblings are afoot at Mint Plaza. At long last, the folks down at Jessie Street are entering the home stretch. Much, much more on the restaurant development is forthcoming. [Curbed SF]

TELEVISION—The series premiere of The Next Iron Chef is still a week away, but the food stars were out in force this week. Wednesday night marked a shindig in Kitchen Stadium, with a guest list including Food Network President Brooke Johnson, Host Alton Brown, Chairman Mark Dacascos and all eight finalists, including our local pair: Chris Cosentino and Traci Des Jardins. [EaterWire Inbox]