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Eater Inside: Pete's Tavern

A recurring feature brought to you with the help of Christine Kesler, Eater Inside showcases the interior space of high-profile, recently-opened restaurants.
Christine Kesler, 9/26/07

Now that a certain Mr. Bonds has cleared out his locker, restaurateur Peter Osbourne of MoMo's fame may be the man who can best lay claim to owning China Basin. His latest project, Pete's Tavern, is directly across from the ballpark and a few doors down from MoMo's. On the menu is plenty of pub grub and gourmet BBQ from MoMo's chef de cuisine Damon Hall, and the semi-cursed space—by our count, at least three restaurants have failed here, most recently Kingfish—features a horseshoe bar, 30-foot ceilings and well over 100 seats. In other words, this ain't your average sports bar. And Peter Osbourne certainly doesn't believe in curses.

Christine Kesler, 9/26/07

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