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The Lolo Menu Revealed

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Christine Kesler, 9/26/07

Everyone from Chowhound to Yelp has been wondering what exactly the Mission's newest restaurant, Lolo, is all about. Are there new owners involved? Is it a Turkish place? Is it Nuevo Latino? What are the prices like?

Earlier this week, Ms. Tablehopper shared a run-down of the owners:

Lolo is the nickname of owner Lorena Zerpuche, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Jorge Martinez, and their biz partner, Merdol Erkal, who is Turkish. Lorena and Jorge usually live in Guadalajara, where they have two other restaurants, I Latina and Anita lI ... Lorena, who designs restaurants and furnishings, designed Lolo's space, and is inspired by the styles and colors found in smaller cities in Mexico.
Ah, but what about about the menu, you ask? We've got it in its slightly-pretentious entirety, right this way.

Panko-encrusted, spice dusted shrimp flash-fried, topped with a tropical relish wrapped in jicama with Chipotle aioli 7.5

Happy Boy organic heirloom tomatoes, feta mousse, Kalamata olives, oregano and chive oil 9

Seared scallops with basil aioli and cold citrus fennel sauce 9.5

Ancho-dusted calamari with a side of tomatillo, sweet basil, ginger, lime dip 8

Huitlacoche and ricotta stuffed gyoza skin steamed with roasted pepper, tomato, squash blossom sauce 8

House smoked venison loin carpaccio, tarragon oil, Sicilian pesto with sundried tomatoes topped with Portobello chips 12

Bodrum style octopus carpaccio with Maras pepper flakes, Brittany grey sea salt and Cascabel aioli 8

Happy Boy salad greens with pomegranate vinaigrette 6

Arugula and radicchio, dried cherries, French goat and sheep feta with orange muscat vinaigrette 7

Charcoal-grilled Cedar River grass fed flank steak with a peach and strawberry mole 18
Roasted eggplant puree with braised grass-fed Superior Valley lamb wrapped in an eggplant flower 15

Flatbread with caramelized Walla Walla onions and chicken apple sausage 12

Braised beef tongue with roasted Poblano curry and yucca chips 15

Charcoal-grilled Turkish paprika laced wild Georgia Sweet prawns with jicama, cucumber, and pepper relish 15

Flash-fried Antep pistachio encrusted salmon with wasabi cream sauce and unagi sauce drizzle 8.5

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