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BREAKING First Word: PlumpJack Empire Taking Marin

Welcome to First Word, your one-stop source for the lowdown on steamy community meetings, liquor licenses and the like. The word around here? It's the first, to be sure.
Balboa Cafe: crossing the Golden Gate. [Photo: Flickr/jeroen020]

Already holding outposts in Tahoe and Napa, not to mention their quartet of San Fran restaurants, it was only a matter of time before Newsom and Co. set their sights on Marin County. From a very sharp tipster comes word that the PlumpJack Consortium has filed for a liquor license application in Mill Valley. It seems that 38 Miller Street will be home to a second branch of the Balboa Cafe, the empire's casual, saloon-like branch. The complete liquor license application form can be viewed here. Eater's Pre-Plywood team has already been dispatched to Balboa North.