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Week in Reviews: All-Blog Edition

Normally, we reserve the Week in Reviews feature for the big publications in town, but bloggers are important too, right? Right?
Farina: so hot right now. [Photo: sean94110]

1) Nearly every critic, blogger and renegade parker has taken his/her turn at the ever-controversial Farina , and the Mission hotspot is quickly gaining a reputation of hate-it or love-it. Glowing report #1:

Now a few months old I think Farina has obviously been through it's fare share of growing pains but if my experience is anything to go by this place won't have a three star reputation for long. However, we almost didn't go because we all checked out Yelp and saw the three stars.
While Bauer and others gave it a solid "meh", there's no arguing that Farina has its ardent fans. [Who Does ...]

2) Another nice and shiny Farina report—this time for brunch service—comes from Jo at Taking Over the World:

"I liked how bright the room was with the sunshine ... Don't you love the little board they put the bread on?"
Yes, we all loved the little board. [Taking Over the World]

3) Continuing the tradition of disagreeing with Senor Bauer, the crew at Bay Area Bites has nothing but nice things to say about Mexico DF:

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression; visually, Mexico DF nails it. From an oversized rustic chandelier made from a lattice iron grill and hanging crystals to vivid back-lit artwork by Oaxacan artist Rufino Tamayo, Mexico DF is a beautiful space with refined nods to the country that inspired it ... Service, though rumored to be amateur, was anything but.
The end result? A meal that was "above average," including several standouts. [BAB]

Rounding out the blogdome, the tasting menu (aka the only menu) at Jai Yun lives up to the expectations of The Single Guy, and Pixel Vision toasts the Toast of the Town, while Hedonia treks over to Chicago's Alinea and has many pretty, pretty photos to prove it.