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Eater Headhunter: Yelp Want Ads Are Fun, Too

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2008_01_yelphelp.jpgUsually, Eater Headhunter is reserved for entertaining restaurant/bar job openings, but for our BFF Yelp, surely exceptions can be made. And exceptions will be made, because Yelp needs your help. Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, we're quite pleased to share a want ad placed by the Yelp brass for a SF Community Manager, a role that "requires a way with the pen." Rather than mince words, let's just skip directly to some of the highli—err, requirements. Charismatic dynamos, step ... right ... up!

1) "The Yelp Community Manager will be highly visible in the San Francisco community as a local face and voice of Yelp, and needs to possess world-class interpersonal skills and be a charismatic dynamo..."

2) "Smiles knowingly when scanning the ''Hot on Yelp'' section ... "

3) "Is a social animal who regularly goes out 5 or more nights a week"

4) "Is naturally scrappy with a can-do attitude"

5) "Relishes the spotlight – you'll be a minor celebrity as the most visible Yelp writer and event-goer"

6) "**KEY**: A link to your well-honed Yelp profile. (Hint: Registering and creating a Yelp profile is only the start. Writing a few reviews, adding friends, and generally engaging in the Yelp community is realistically an important pre-requisite for any hope for follow up communications with us.)"

We actually hear Yelp is a decent company to work for and lord knows their cultish ranks are fiercely loyal, so hop to it, kids! Especially you scrappy dynamos; you might even get some health insurance out of the deal. And tell them Eater SF sent you.
· Yelp SF Community Manager [MediaBistro]

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