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Pat Kuleto Leaves the Lights On For Us

Thanks to staff training lasting into the evening hours, here we have the first look at the almost-complete interior of Waterbar, the aquatically-inclined half of Pat Kuleto's Rincon Park extravaganza. As you can see, the centerpieces of the multi-storied space are surely the pair of ginormous columns of water—now filled with water; fish en route—hanging out in the main dining room, bringing new, literal meaning to the neologism "water-bar." Other design items of note include brick vaulted ceilings (somewhat reminiscent of Boulevard's), some very nice booths with spectacular views of the bay (yes, spectacular), multiple private dining and bar areas, and over in the adjacent plaza, something that appears to be a newly-planted tree of knowledge.

Looking from the water, to the left of the dining room is a private dining area, separated by a rainbow wall of glass slats that is more colorful that suggested by the above photo.

Forgive the blur, but note the table closest to the window: would you prefer a view of the Bay Bridge or one of the giant water column? NB: if there are Amazonian piranhas as rumored, we'll take the latter out of sheer curiosity.
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