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MythGate: The Rumor Mill Continues to Continue

On the gossip front, the rumor mill keeps on churning regarding the future of Myth. The latest entrant in the race to find out what exactly is happening down on Pacific Avenue comes from the Chron, who spoke to former Myth honcho Tom Duffy. Here's what Duffy had to say, directly via the BauerBlog:

Ron Siegel and Stephane Lacroix, the touted chef and sommelier of the critically acclaimed the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, have joined forces with Carl Pascarella, the former CEO of Visa USA and a regular on the San Francisco social scene, to buy and run Myth and its sister cafe, says Tom Duffy, former owner of the popular restaurant.

Pascarella, the financial architect on the project, signed a purchase agreement on Friday afternoon, according to Duffy.

However, in the same post, Michael Bauer and Company also ran a quote from Siegel in which the chef emphasizes that he has merely been approached by Myth and "nothing is finalized." In other words, Myth's story is far from complete, and only the next couple weeks/months will tell if the rumors remain rumors (Sidenote: and how appropriate is its name now?). Stay tuned.
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