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Plywood Report: Signage Alert at Best-O-Burger, Plus Fresh Paper at Dosa and The Infinity

1) Financial District: See that change in signage up above? That, friends, is a sign of life at Best-O-Burger. You'll recall B-o-B is the sliders project due from Randy Lewis and Steve Weber, but when the pair recently separated at Mecca, leaving some to wonder if Best-O-Burger was dead as well. Now, taking down a Mrs. Fields sign does not a gourmet burger restaurant make, but it's a start, right? Right? Maybe? [PLYWOOD]

2) The Fillmore: In other anticipated projects movement, nothing says "we're wearing up and starting work" quite like the fresh application of paper to block the public view of an interior space soon to be under renovation. Like a little kid who just sees newly-wrapped presents under the tree (too soon for Christmas references?), the Plywood Team loves a newly-wrapped restaurant. Here, then, are two. Above is the second location of Dosa, previously gawked at hereabouts. [PLYWOOD]

3) SoMa: Also recently papered up: Nancy Oakes' as-yet-unnamed restaurant, coming soon to the "massive" bottom floor space of The Infinity. Also involved is a cafe next door, lest we forget. [PLYWOOD]

As always, the Plywood Report welcomes all and any sightings around this foggy hamlet of ours. Your submissions and general musings to, please. Bonus points and an organic gold star if you include photos.