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IMterview: Last Night at Local, and Its Newstand

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Since opening approximately a month ago, Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant has, from most accounts, been abuzz nearly every night, seemingly doing what it set out to do in its quest to become a neighborhood eatery. It's still too soon to look for the Oola offshoot on the review circuit, but in case you were curious, here are some musings from a (fairly) reliable source. Witness the return of the IMterview.

localpatroness: Anyway.... local wasn't super fantastic
eaterSFhq: oh?
localpatroness: it wasn't bad or anything-- and we just did small stuff to share
localpatroness: wine was great, actually
localpatroness: the oven was fun
localpatroness: the service was a little jacked time wise
localpatroness: which didn't bother me as we were talking
eaterSFhq: what did you have?

localpatroness: i had a (cold) pizza
localpatroness: but the mushrooms on it were fantastic
eaterSFhq: where did you sit
localpatroness: near the door!
eaterSFhq: drafty, right?
localpatroness: which blows air in like coming up from a subway
localpatroness: (you could probably state that more eloquently)
eaterSFhq: probably
localpatroness: but i'm talking "blast of air" central
localpatroness: [redacted] also said that she found the wine room a little bit too "CSI"
localpatroness: given that it's underlit and all
localpatroness: but the door-- that huge, million-ton door
localpatroness: is ridiculously awesome
localpatroness: there -- there's your [redacted] report
eaterSFhq: ha
eaterSFhq: thanks
localpatroness: oh, and the magazines
localpatroness: what's up with that?
eaterSFhq: yeah i know
eaterSFhq: could be for the daytime crowd. i think they're going for a euro cafe thing?




localpatroness: what euro cafe have you been in that has a mill mags near the door
localpatroness: like, it looks like a bodega
eaterSFhq: i'm assuming no one was reading them
localpatroness: hell no
localpatroness: they had burning candles sitting on top of some
localpatroness: looked totally incongruous with the place
eaterSFhq: agreed
localpatroness: natch
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