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Shutterwood: Cover-Up Afoot at Parkside?

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The rare moment in time when a report of a closure coincides with news of the space's future resident? It's something we like to call Shutterwood; this is one of those times.

Over in this place called the Outer Sunset, old-school Taraval staple Parkside has been shuttered since the holidays. Now, we've known for some time that Parkside is going to morph into The Spot Lounge, but some curious signage—complete with an olive branch-wielding dove—insists that the senior citizen fave is only closed for vacation. Little do locals know that The Spot Lounge is slated to debut on January 23rd, meaning that Taraval will soon have a "lounge," which just seems odd in itself. Details are still trickling in and hope certainly springs eternal, but based on intel so far, we're thinking that the oft-discussed scarcity of good dining in the Outer Sunset shan't be solved anytime soon.