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The Shutter: Popolo Loses Lease, Sends You Elsewhere

Reports of any and all closings around town arrive via The Shutter. See a restaurant or bar that has recently folded? Your sightings to

The upper Financial District remains a sub-neighborhood in flux, as some blocks appear to have more shuttered storefronts than open ones. Some spaces, like Blupointe (claimed by Cafe Claude/Cinque) and Best-O-Burger, are in the process of change, while others—e.g., the onetime Pasta Paradiso, abandoned now for over a year—merely gather dust. Just off Belden Place, Popolo is the latest addition to the upheaval list, as it closed shortly after the turn of the calender. According to the goodbye note(s) left, Popolo couldn't/didn't want to renew the lease, despite over a decade of business. They do, however, recommend you head to its sister restaurant Pasta Bene instead, but you know what people say about Italian restaurants with "pasta" in the name.


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