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Eater PSA: Benefit Tonight For Range's Brooke Arthur

Tonight at Cantina at 8pm, there will be a very special benefit for Brooke Arthur, the head bartender at Range who has sustained very serious injuries in the wake of a fire. Because Jordan McKay of 7x7's drink blog Buzzed put it more eloquently than we could, here's what he has to say:

The girl you see in the photo is one of the great characters of San Francisco mixology. Full of life, joy, and wit (as you can tell in the photo), Brooke is the head bartender at Range, where she runs one of the most dynamic cocktail programs in the city. I've gotten to know her a little over the last year and can say that she possesses a unique ability to brighten any room she walks into (and not just because of her blonde hair and incandescent smile).

Unfortunately, due to a tragic fire in her apartment, Brooke today is sequestered in the burn ward at St. Francis Memorial, where she is currently breathing with a ventilator and undergoing serious treatment. Even the flowers that Brooke's legion of friends and fans might want to send are not allowed into her infection-proof chamber.

Again, 8pm tonight at Cantina is the benefit; if you can't make it tonight, please do consider the myriad other ways you can help at, the site her family has put together. Our best to Brooke and her loved ones, and here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
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