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EaterWire: Tinderbox Adding Lunch, Live at MacWorld!

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James Newman, 10/17/07

BERNAL HEIGHTS—In the following weeks, Cortland Avenue semi-experimental bistro Tinderbox will be adding lunch service, complete with a smattering hearty ambitions and lofty promises. From the CL ad: "We are going for 'causes cravings' with our lunch offerings (a very small menu) examples: a new take on the Vietnamese classic and always delicious pho soup. We shall also attempt to produce the city's tastiest hamburger of all time. We have just finished working with a bakery to make the perfect brioche bun, and have scored a consistent supply of 21 day aged grass-fed ground beef. Join us on this flavor quest." Also, who exactly is the target audience here? [Craigslist]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Staying on the lunchtime bent, it seems Alfred's Steakhouse is cutting hours in a big way. From the Inbox: "It looks like Alfred's has new hours ... Lunch used to be Tuesday through its Thursday only. Dinner's start has also been pushed back to 5:30 from 5:00 ... I'm not a shill ... just a concerned steak-eater." The Committee has duly noted this curious development. [EaterWire Inbox]


MACWORLD—The above shot comes courtesy of Curbed SF, who stopped by MacWorld '08 earlier today. The food offerings? Slim to none. Hey, we weren't expecting the convention to bust out the gourmet goodies seen at the Oracle Extravaganza, but heavens, we never knew that a digital photo could actually capture the sound of crickets. [Curbed SF, EaterWire]