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EaterWire Midday Edition: Ozumo Branching Eastward

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Well, Oakland certainly continues to make its case as the new SF. Hot off the FiDi beat, we have word that happy hour destination, Bauer Top 100 attendee and trendy Japanese spot Ozumo will be opening a second location across the Bay in Oakland. Ozumo East will be stationed at 528 West Grand, and though it's still quite early, the opening is tentatively set for the first week of August. For the most part, the general theme (menu, vibe, etc.) of the Steuart Street location is expected to make the transbay leap. As fate would have it, some may recall that Sho Kamio put Ozumo on the map back in '04, but has since moved on to another upscale, trendy Japanese restaurant that also crossed the Bay to open a second location. It's called Yoshi's; maybe you've heard of it? [EaterWire]

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