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Napa Dispatch: Whole Foods Opens Tomorrow

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[Photo of Whole Foods Pasadena's November opening via Eater LA]

In the continuing evolution of Wine Country, the state's 25th Whole Foods store is poised to debut tomorrow morning in Napa. The 50,000 square-footer will be in Bel Aire Plaza, and as witnessed first-handedly by our SoCal sis some months ago, Whole Foods openings are quite the production. Among the festivities on tap for tomorrow: a ceremony with the mayor, raffles, giveaways, Napa Valley High School band performances, demos by Paul Bertoli, wine tastings with John Buehler and more. Reports from the opening chaos are very encouraged, so do pass along word to anyone you might know up north; after all, where else can you find a high school kid playing a flute right next to Paul Bertoli?
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