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The Arrival of Kuletoville Nears, Previews Roll Out

Thus far, much of the focus on Pat Kuleto's tandem of Rincon Park restaurants has been concentrated on various predictions and the evolution of the waterfront area. As dozens of workers scurry around the waterfront like James Bond movie extras, the openings of Waterbar and Epic Roast House are nearing—January 29th remains the date—and perhaps it's time to start thinking about the restaurants themselves. With several local publications (7x7, among others) stopping by a preview lunch recently, details on Kuletoville continue to surface:

On the Menu at Epic: "[Executive Chef/Partner Jan Birnbaum's] menu's cover page starts with a recognition of the ranches and farms where he gets his meat and produce, and a mission statement of returning 'back to basics.'" [Bits and Bites]

On the Prices: "Some dishes at Waterbar start at $75 (there are raw or roasted grand shellfish platters for $90). Epic Roasthaus is also pricey, with wood-fired Liberty duck for $32, 14-ounces of prime rib for $48, a 3/4-pound ground-to-order $25 hamburger" [Marin Independent Journal]

On the Menu at Waterbar: "Celebrating eat rather than being eaten, Kuleto extolled the deliciousness of piranha, one of the more exotic items on Waterbar's menu." [MIJ]

On the Decor at Epic: "... when I stepped into this industrial, yet rustic space I was surprised by its stark contrast from Waterbar just next door. Plush carpeting, a bold seven-foot fly wheel in the center of the dining room, huge metal pipes overhead, dark overstuffed chairs and reclaimed mahogany wood table tops" [Bits and Bites]

On the Giant Wheel at Epic: "Construction dust clung to Roasthaus' giant interior metal wheel and metal and glass pipes that look like something Willie Wonka might have created if he'd turned to meat instead of chocolate." [MIJ]
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