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More on Michael Chiarello's Yountville Endeavor

Team Michael Chiarello has finally released a statement regarding his upcoming Yountville restaurant in the V Marketplace (pictured). There is no name yet, but as expected, the theme of the restaurant will center around Chiarello's "signature cuisine and entertaining style" with the requisite farm-to-table slant. As for Chiarello himself, here's what he had to say on the matter:

"Having lived and cooked in the Napa Valley for over 20 years—and made wine here for 10 years—my distinct love of this valley includes memories of a different era ... My sense of what constitutes a memorable culinary experience has shifted over the years, along with what the general public has come to expect. I'm thrilled to be stepping back into my chef jacket and clogs, and to greet food and wine lovers once again with my personal blend of Napa Valley's famous hospitality. To be joining Yountville's talented community of chefs and restaurateurs is a true honor."
Also in the complex will be Chiarello's fifth NapaStyle store, but of course, the real news is the restaurant (and the fact that the clogs phenomenon won't be easing up anytime soon). Looking at the big picture, it will be very interesting to see how Chiarello's restaurant fares up in Kellerville, especially compared to fellow television personality Tyler Florence's own new city project; anyone care to venture any predictions? Applebee's jokes are very much encouraged.
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