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EaterWire Midday Edition: Donna Scala Buys Pilar

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The interior at Pilar [Photo: Official Site]

NAPA—It would appear that yet another big name will be opening a new restaurant up in Wine Country, as we have on good authority that Donna Scala—the woman behind 90's stalwarts like Scala's Bistro here and Bistro Don Giovanni up north—has purchased Pilar Restaurant. According to our source, Scala and Pilar chef Pilar Sanchez, the CIA grad who cooked at Meadowood prior to opening her eponymous restaurant, will close the current restaurant at 807 Main Street and reopen it as an Italian eatery. There is talk that at some point, Pilar (the restaurant) might reopen next door at 813 Main in the space that has been vacant for 30 years, but said space must be retrofitted first, which would likely take upwards of a year. Story developing ... [EaterWire]