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EaterWire: Serpentine Opens the Resy Lines, Presidio Getting a Winery and MORE!

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James Newman, 12/18/07

DOGPATCH—Attention Dogpatchers and prospective diners who might enjoy going to the Dogpatch's best new restaurant: in the wake of continued requests, owner Erin Rooney and co. have decided to bite the bullet, and Serpentine is now taking reservations for both lunch and dinner service. As you were. [EaterWire]

THE PRESIDIO—A winery in the Presidio? That, and more, is very much on the way for the former army base: "The first winery to operate in a United States national park, Foggy Bridge, will open its tasting room this summer with plans to add a working winery, restaurant and cafe in the fall. It's the latest project for winemaker Daryl Groom, who very recently left mega-conglomerate Beam Wine Estates, where he was senior vice president of production and winemaking." Foggy Bridge HQ will be at the northwest end of Crissy Field, which means the stroller brigade might be gettin' a little tipsy, now that there's a new stop on the route. [Chron]