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Kuletoville Alert: Down Go the Fences!

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Big news from Rincon Park: sometime in the last 24 hours, the perimeter fences have been taken down at Kuletoville. Over five years in the making, Waterbar and Epic Roast House are the first privately-owned buildings to be built on the Embarcadero in nearly 100 years, and at long last, the chainlink fences have now been removed. The plaza is open, tablecloths are set inside, and more signage is up. If you're in the area this weekend—do locals still go to the Ferry Building on Saturdays?—we'd highly recommend stopping by to get a close-up peek for yourself. More photos from the newly-open area follow:

Epic: looking south down the Embarcadero.

The view from Waterbar: the private dining room (lower level), the bike rack and some bridge.
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