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Eater Inside: Monk's Kettle

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Jennifer Yin, 1/18/08

Getting plenty of votes as the newest hotspot on the 16th/Valencia corridor is Monk's Kettle. Part of a (serendipitous) Belgian trend that saw a trio of Trappist-centric beer bars open within a month of each other, the locale of Monk's Kettle could not be better in terms of getting off to a hot start, as it's been packed nightly since opening (hipsters love to pretend they love gourmet beer). This might be partly due to space itself: a fairly small, cozy one, reminiscent of a traditional Euro alehouse. In addition to 22 seats scattered along the wall at booths and small tables, there is also an eight-seat bar and a six-seat counter a little farther back. A hearty food menu (pot pies, burgers, pretzels, et al) plays second fiddle to the star of the show, the beer; two dozen beers—Belgian and local—are on draught, with another 100+ available by the bottle (full list here).

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