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Introducing Manny, Kuletoville's Non-Puny Olive Tree

The weekend down at Kuletoville saw a noticeable change in personnel, as the construction workers have slowly filtered out in favor of various suits and staffers. We're exactly a week away from the grand opening, and already valet service awaits on the Embarcadero, not to mention a golf cart with which to scoot around the premises. Also of note is Sunday's lengthy 2000-word Chronicle article on Pat Kuleto, which pretty much explained everything you ever wanted to know about the man—his home fireplace is dubbed "Santa's Wet Dream," FYI—but our favorite part is undoubtedly the lede, wherein Kuleto explains the genesis of Kuletoville's tree:

Kuleto headed north, to an olive ranch near Corning (Tehama County), where he found a nearly 200-year-old Sevillano to his liking - one with an ample trunk and presence. A ranch hand named Manny delivered the tree and planted it between the restaurants, Waterbar and Epic Roasthouse, at Rincon Park.

Kuleto named the tree Manny and patted himself on the back.

"I wasn't going to have a puny tree," said Kuleto.

Since the article failed to capture an image of said non-puny treee, by reader demand, we've taken the liberty of sharing Manny with the interwebs. Here's hoping Manny doesn't end up in Santa's Wet Dream anytime soon.
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