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Plywood, Noe Valley Edition: Toast Two and MORE!

The scaffolding is down and fresh paper is up at Herb's.

1) 3991 24th Street: In the former Herb's Fine Foods space on 24th Street, the rumors didn't lie, and the second location of the immensely-popular Toast Eatery will indeed be moving in after all. Work has started and is expected to be complete by April. Just a couple of blocks up from the original location on Church and 29th, Toast the Second will have the largely the same concept as the original, which shouldn't be a bad consolation prize for those of you still mourning that wonderful Nepo sign. [PLYWOOD]


2) 1298 Church Street: Now in full-blown construction mode, the goings-on at the corner space of Church and 25th have befuddled plenty of locals in the recent weeks, and thanks to a tipster, we have word that it's going to be something that should (theoretically) fill a void in the Valley of Noe: "The old barbershop on the corner has been gone for years. And rumors have been floating that a restaurant is going in ... I talked to the contractor on site today briefly. He said: 'High end Vietnamese fusion.'" [Eater Inbox]

Bonus: Let's have a peek through the window, shall we? The place is still a ways away:

See some new plywood going up in your neighborhood? The Plywood Hotline is always ready to accept your sightings. As always, super bonus points if you include photos.