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EaterWire: North Beach Considers Alcohol Ban?

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Sodini's and the North Beach Strip [Photo: Flickr/skyseame]

NORTH BEACH—As if the legal issues surrounding Red Mango and Julius' Castle weren't enough, now there's yet another batch of controversy in the neighborhood. Via Curbed, we have word that an alcohol ban for all new businesses is on the table at tomorrow's Board of Supes Dept. of Planning meeting: "This means no liquor licenses (already under strict restrictions), but it also means no beer and wine sales (as they widen control, and set a dangerous precedence), period ... In the case of North Beach, a neighborhood zoned for night life, that means the city is stuck with its current selection of bars, and restaurants, and landlords are stuck waiting for yogurt chains ... oh wait." [Curbed SF]

SOMA—There will, however, be alcohol at Town Hall's fourth annual Mardi Gras celebration, taking place on February 5th. The affair comes with a $75 price tag; benefits will go to Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard project in New Orleans, which is nice. More info at the official site. [EaterWire Inbox]

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