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The Shutter: Julius' Castle Closes, Forever or Temporarily

Yesterday's edition of Tablehopper revealed a significant mess underway at the recently-shuttered Julius' Castle: "... they served their last meal Saturday night. [T]he operators are engaged in a lawsuit with their landlord ... Now we'll have to see how the allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, and lease issues shake out in the Superior Court." Of course, the Castle's answering machine merely says that the restaurant is "temporarily closed for extended repairs" and will be reopening "soon." With a graceful tip o' the cap to Lady Hopstress, we headed up Telegraph Hill to investigate the goings-on. Our findings? Just an empty dining room (above), nary a soul, some pretty views and the following sad scene:

Meet the real losers in the Julius' Castle legal drama: these four old people tourists, who were merely looking for a place to have their daily 4:30pm dinner. Instead, they were turned away and had to trod back up the hill (naturally, while keeping their eyes peeled for "that blue parrot"). The lesson: if old people tourists can't enjoy a nice early meal at Julius' Castle and get to bed at a reasonable hour, then the terrorists have already won.

Anyone with further info on the Julius' Castle happenings is very much encouraged to share, either in the comments field or straight to us.