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Mixt Greens 3.0 Will Be Very, Very Green

The green exploits of FiDi lunch destination Mixt Greens are fairly well-documented. The company is one of five certified green restaurants, and the first two locations incorporated a bevy of green design elements (see their site for details). But their third endeavor, in the JP Morgan Chase Building, will take things to another level, incorporating a whole new host of ridiculous eco-friendly materials. Among the features:

· recycled, low VOC-paint
· new energy efficient lighting fixture
· benches and table-tops made from recycled plastic materials
· recycled steel
· concrete flooring with high recycled fly-ash content and zero VOC finish
· quarry remnant slate materials
· renewable palm wood
· all wood products will be FSC certified
While you try to wrap your green brain around that, take note that in addition to the new materials, Mixt Greens 3.0 will be going for a bit of a "different look and feel" from the first two, as you may be able to surmise from the plywood shots. Due date: April.
· Mixt Greens Moseys Into JP Morgan Chase Building [~ESF~]