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EaterWire: GGRA Won't Appeal, Plus Bollyhood News!

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2008_01_bollyhoodsmall.jpgCITY HALL—Earlier in the week, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association decided that it will not appeal the emergency stay of the employer-health care order. From the GGRA's official site: "We have decided not to pursue the petition because of minimal opportunity for success. The emergency stay order was granted without a dissenting opinion, and the schedule for the appeal totals 3 ½ months which is a short time frame to the court ... The appeal process has started in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. We will post filings as they are submitted to the court. We believe this case will most likely end up in front of the US Supreme Court, and take many more months to complete." We're not exactly literate in such matters of the law, but it looks like this is going to drag on in the court system for some time. Further legal insight appreciated. []

THE MISSION—Still in its nascent stages of existence, Bollyhood Cafe has already been a source of intrigue and entertainment, and now it finally appears to be open, kinda. A new chef—who is a DJ by trade?—has come aboard (and he's posting on Yelp!). Meanwhile, the owners want to stress that Bollyhood is not a restaurant proper. It is a lounge, not a restaurant, so don't expect a full meal. Got that? They say they are now open daily at 5pm, but things "pick up" around 8 or 9 ... We'd still check before heading over. [EaterWire]