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Deathwatch: Mecca

Truth be told, since reopening, Mecca has pretty much written the script on how to get the Deathwatch Committee's attention. To review, after notching an extremely-glowing (and hopeful) three-star Bauer review in September 2006, Mecca was forced to close shop last summer for roughly four months or so, which also brought along the opportunity for a complete remodel. Since making a comeback in October, here's what Mecca has been up to in the past three months down on Market Street:

· Lost its main attraction, "uber-chef" Randy Lewis, sans a comparable replacement.
· Isolated the locals who ventured back after its sabbatical.
· Received the worst Bauer review of year.
· Resorted to questionable brunch advertising tactics.

Given that the two things Mecca has going right now are very overpriced cocktails and a Ladies' Night shindig that reputedly brings in a crowd for one night of the week, the Committee has no choice but to dole out the DW stamp. Even when Lewis was in the kitchen, Mecca was a polarizing spot to grab a meal, given the lounge atmosphere and pricetag; now, with the kitchen struggling, spot inspections reveal that the place—especially the dining side of things—has become a ghost town on many nights. Over/under on a radical overhaul, like perhaps doing away with food altogether: Autumn '08.

And yes, the Committee is now accepting nominations for Deathwatch, 2008 edition.