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Winter Vacation: Pier 23, Asa, and Sketch All Down

Now that the holidays are a distant memory, 'tis the season for restaurants to take a break from the grind, maybe do some renovations and ready for the year ahead. As always, your sightings to

1) Embarcadero: Thanks to a tipster for sending along the photos of Pier 23 Cafe, which appears to be down until February, which should disappoint both the regular dive-cafe crowds and the tourists that dare to wander away from Pier 39. [Eater Inbox]

2) The Marina: Memo to A16 prospective diners: right next door, Asa Sushi—home to mediocre sushi but a regular beneficiary of A16 spillover—will be closed for the next week. It will reopen next Wednesday, January 30th. Plan accordingly, kids, especially with the rainy season. [Eater Staff]

3) Berkeley: Doesn't it seem like Sketch is always on extended leaves of absence? From a sad, gourmet ice cream-seeking Chowhound: "Sketch is closed through the end of January. We went by this weekend and were disappointed." [CH]