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Eater Inside Sneak Peek: Epic Roasthouse

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And now, by special order, a sneak peek at the non-aquatic half of Kuletoville: Epic Roasthouse. By now, the dish on Epic is fairly well-known: it's Pat Kuleto's modern interpretation of a steakhouse. Opening tomorrow, the kitchen is headed by the talented Jan Birnbaum and the Kuleto design is typically impressive, produced and dramatic. There are too many design elements to list (and even more stories behind them), but the signature is probably the giant "fly wheel" (word of the month?) in the middle of the room. Old-school leather banquettes, mahogany tabletops and smoking chairs line the white-tablecloth dining room. But enough talk; to the photo tour:

The view from the Embarcadero entrance. Low ceilings at first, with the views of the Bay just a glimmer in the distance. Let's go towards the light.

The opposite view of the entryway, with your back to the water. The entrance opens to the open kitchen (left) and chef's tables (right).

The main dining room, complete with seven-foot wheel, ~120 seats and countless other amenities/frivolities. Every time we look at the room, a new design element comes to light.

Looking up from the dining room. Upstairs is the Quiver Bar (full menu served, ~35 seats). The "walls" overlooking the dining room are actually wine racks with strategically-placed spaces serving as "windows."

In the open kitchen. Everything is brand new (obv.) and top of the line; you can literally feel the giddiness radiating from the cooks. Kids in a candy store, we tell you.

Wood. Fired. Oven.

Yes, there will be plenty of meat to slice.

On the way out, there's a staircase to the upstairs bar. One of the only understated design elements. Quiver Bar, Cupid's Span, get it?

Shot from the Embarcadero by a sharp-eyed tipster, this photo has several giant chunks of meat rotating on a spit on the upstairs deck.
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