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Eater Inside: Coffee Bar

Jennifer Yin, 1/28/08

Even though the impressive space and design of Coffee Bar may suggest otherwise, there's little denying that deservedly so or not, in the spectrum of recently-opened gourmet coffee cafes, Coffee Bar is playing the role of David to Blue Bottle Cafe's Goliath. Though there are surely myriad differences between the two, the pair is nonetheless leading the charge of the gourmet coffee cafe. Coffee Bar, the NEMIZ project from Luigi Di Ruocco of Mr. Espresso and Jason Michael Paul, is the product of a build-out from a former loading dock and the space's industrial lineage is clear. Most design amenities have been custom-made, including the large backlit photo and nearly all the wood furniture. Upstairs (pictured, above) is the main seating area and downstairs is the barista station, offering single-origin coffees, beer, wine, cafe fare, a special evening menu and the like:

Jennifer Yin, 1/28/08

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Coffee Bar

1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 551 8100