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Red Mango No-Go: The Teary Signage Epilogue

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Following last week's sob story about how North Beach's chain ordinance essentially killed Survivor winner Yul Kwon's bid to open a Red Mango franchise, the above signage now graces the storefront at 527 Columbus Avenue. (Sidebar: Note the similarity in tone to the open letter written by fellow embattled North Beach fro-yo purveyor Honeydoo back in October.) In any event, the signage indicates that Red Mango has pretty much abandoned the idea, and Kwon is on record saying he won't ever try to open another restaurant in the city. Whether or not Red Mango will venture back in San Francisco remains to be seen, but with Pinkberry poised to make a Bay Area run, odds are good that its chief rival Red Mango will want to make a local push at some point. So go the yogurt wars, after all.
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