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Kuleto Update: Epic and Waterbar Ready For a Big Week

Weekend soft openings at Kuletoville: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor ...

Ladies and gentlemen, Kuleto Week has officially arrived. Down at Rincon Park this past weekend, Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar braved the elements and opened their respective doors for a variety of private events in anticipation of a very big week. With the grand public opening looming tomorrow (Tuesday), the Kuletoville hype machine continues to sweep town, and with it, plenty of Kuleto-scale talk, from the man who never shies away from a candid quote:

Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar are the first free-standing structures to be built solely for culinary purposes in The City in more than 100 years, said Pat Kuleto, the chief restaurateur behind both buildings.

"I think these will be two of the best restaurants of their kind in America," Kuleto said. "We're at the best location in San Francisco and we have some of the very best chefs in the country."

While it may be still too early to determine whether or not Waterbar is the best restaurant featuring two giant, fish-filled water columns in all of America, Kuletoville will certainly be the focus of the dining community—if not the entire city—for the foreseeable near future. Get excited.
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Your thoughts on Epic, Waterbar, the bigger picture and the frenzy are very much welcomed in the comments or straight to us.