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EaterWire: Ararat Sets a Date, Kuletoville Arrives

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THE CASTRO—Right next to the new, mysterious Brandy Ho's on 18th Street is Ararat. The Mediterranean tapas spot, previously reported sold in December, has finally set a closing date: February 16th. Moving in will be Poesia, Francesco Dippolito's upcoming Italian restaurant that got its liquor license transferred this week (further reading on Poesia can be had at Tablehopper). As for Ararat, they are currently looking for a bigger space and well, hope to find it soon. [EaterWire]

KULETOVILLE—As you may have heard, tonight's the night for the public grand opening of Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar. We've taken looks inside, and the Chronicle's announcements for the openings of Epic and Waterbar are now online, so it's pretty much "go time" for the highly-anticipated, highly-ambitious project. If you head to Kuletoville tonight, reports from the scene are encouraged to [Chron, EaterWire]