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On the Market: Julius' Castle Officially Seeks Tenant

We already touched on the future of the Washbag earlier this morning, and now there's word that the famed Julius' Castle, uh, castle is on the market as well, though for rental only. Landlord Jim Payne says the guys previously running the restaurant are officially "out," and as of last week, the anachronistic space is available. Of course, this in turn means that arguably the most picturesque restaurant in town is up for grabs. Big-name restaurateurs, we're looking at you; let's make this happen. The place has the potential to be so much more than the oddity it has been in recent years. Bouchon Castle, anyone?

Sidenote: when asked if he would consider an outright sale, Payne responded with a grin and quipped, "No one could afford it."
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