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Be a North Beach Restaurateur: Washbag Up For Sale

Announced only via a sign in the door back on January 1st, the sudden shuttering of the Washington Square Bar & Grill, affectionately known as the Washbag, was the closure that spawned a collection of eulogies. Now, a scrawled note on the same sign confirms the Washbag is up for sale. With the recent hubbub in North Beach regarding tightening, and possibly even banning, liquor license regulations and such, one has to wonder who exactly will be inclined to tackle The Joys That Are the Local Neighborhood Associations (not a fro-yo shop, that's for sure). Of course, the first prospective buyer on everyone's mind has to be Ed Moose, who founded the Washbag in 1973 and left last year. Mr. Moose, care to venture back across the park, resurrect the Washbag and make for a fairy tale ending?
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