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The Joys of Luisa: Work, Controversy Begin on Union

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A new project means new problems for everyone's favorite entrepreneur, Ms. Luisa Hanson. Already causing a stir up in Nob Hill, Luisa has now commenced work (mostly, from what we can tell, in the form of paint) at her next project, Vino Teca, at 1785 Union Street. It's still unclear if the place has closed escrow, not to mention received the proper permits. Rest assured the Barleycorn Faithful are on her every move: "... it looks like the space--dormant since last October--is getting a makeover. It looks like counters and perhaps cooking areas are getting torn out. Interestingly, there is no construction permit posted in the window as required by law. And it also looks like La Hanson has not even applied for building, electrical or plumbing permits for the space. Shades of her Front Room debacle all over again." Luisa Hanson: the gift that keeps on giving.
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