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EaterWire Midday Edition: Treasure Island Resto Delayed

TREASURE ISLAND—In today's completely odd and random news, the ongoing efforts to revive Treasure Island's old Fogwatch Restaurant have hit a significant delay. Proving once again that truth can be stranger than fiction, it seems that Treasure Island has been recently plagued by ... pirates:

Plans to reopen a World War II-era restaurant and bar that treated winers and diners to splendid panoramic views from Treasure Island of The City and Bay were delayed after much of its copper electrical wiring was stolen ... Rapscallions gutted the building of its electrical wiring six months ago, taking about $10,000 worth of wire but also severely damaging the building's interior
According to the article (which, by the way, gets major bonus points for use of the word "rapscallions"), the Fogwatch was built 64 years ago as place for low-ranking officers back when Treasure Island was a Navy base. Prior to the copper plundering, plans were underway to rejuvenate the restaurant, but now the cost of redevelopment has more than doubled, which means that it will take someone's pretty penny to get the project with "splendid panoramic views" restarted. Paging Pat Kuleto ... [SFE]

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