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The Curious Case of Brandy Ho's, Revealed

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Last week, the new Brandy Ho's on 18th Street sneakily opened with barely a sign or notice. To this day, brown paper still adorns the storefront, and work continues per normal in the dining area, but interestingly enough, delivery and take-out have been offered for the past week or so. The curious juxtaposition of these facts have led some to believe that the good Brandy Ho's folks are not actually doing the delivery/take-out cooking at the Castro location, but rather, at the original flagship on Columbus, which quite frankly, would explain a lot, including reports of slow delivery and cold food.

To get to the bottom of this little quandary, the Eater Investigative Team was dispatched to the scene last night, only to find the very dark storefront you see above. Things were not looking good for Brandy Ho's, until there came a dramatic twist. Let's take a peek over the paper:


Yes, this feels like the Twilight Zone, because that, friends, is what appears to be a live kitchen behind a completely dark exterior, proving that Brandy Ho's is indeed doing the cooking in the Castro location. Now that this gray area has been cleared up, let's talk about those terrible Yelp reviews...
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