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Plywood Report: Lola, PPQ, Brandy Ho's and MORE!

Welcome to the first Plywood Report of the year. It's here that you'll find the latest happenings on the next generation of restaurants and bars to hit the city. See some plywood in your neighborhood? Do drop us a line; extra points if you include photos.

1) Russian Hill: The second half of the year past saw the arrivals of Laiola and Lolo, and now we're looking at the arrival of Lola. Sitting in the former Fortune Wok at 1358 Mason—the corner of Mason and Pacific—the corner space itself is, if we may say so, quite darling: very small, intimate and on a very San Franciscan hill. There's still no word on what Lola will be, but the name suggests it won't be Chinese. Anyone know anything? Any guesses? [PLYWOOD]

2) The Sunset: Emails a tipster from the PPQ Beef Noodle front at 1936 Irving, "I've been keeping an eye on the new PPQ on Irving and 21st. The newspapers are still up on the windows and the old signage is up. FYI." [Eater Inbox]


3) The Castro: Along with the above photo, a tipster sends along some musings regarding the Castro branch of Brandy Ho's (4068 18th St): "Noticed that all Brandy Ho's signage has disappeared. Hmmm... " If the increasingly-polished exterior is any indication and the last timeline is relatively on target, work should be nearing completion. [Eater Inbox]


4) The Mission: Lady Hopstress had the scoop on FourBarrelCoffee (one word? really?), in the quickly-growing north Valencia strip. The brainchild of one of the founders of Ritual Roasters, it's the latest participant in the gourmet coffee bar craze, and is found at 375 Valencia, near 14th and 15th. But the best of part of the plywood there? Definitely the advertisements gracing the windows:


As always, your plywood sightings to Photos strongly encouraged, but by no means necessary.