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Eater Inside: Horizon

James Newman, 1/7/08

Not too many venues can lay claim to being an upscale burger lounge, but that's pretty much exactly what Horizon is. Housed on the stripclub-laden stretch of Broadway, just off Columbus, Horizon is the brainchild of consulting chef Ola Fendert (Oola, Local) and exec chef Ivan Tam. Though a build-your-own burger menu is the main focus, other offerings are available as well. The flashy 130-seat space is divided in two: a dining area and a lounge area, with the bar enveloping both. As the Broadway evening hours progress (open until 2am), the lounge side of Horizon begins to dominate the space, and you begin to see what Fendert and co. had/have in mind when it comes to making the place work in that "illustrious" area.

James Newman, 1/7/08

Pictured above is the lounge area adjacent to the dining room space. Further reading on Horizon can be had in The Dish and Good News/Bad News, as well at Zagat and Thrillist.