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Winter Vacation: Range, Glas Kat Return This Week

After the madness of the holiday season, many restaurants often take a break, recharge the batteries and maybe undertake a renovation or two. On that note, here are some updates from a trio of restaurants readying for 2008.

1) Everyone's favorite Mission Michelin, Range, will return on Thursday, January 10th. The entire storefront is decked out in brown paper, which suggests that some remodeling just might be in the works. For those of you chomping on the bit, the January menu has been posted, complete with a bread pudding sighting.

2) Down on Fourth Street—right next to Elizabeth Falkner's Orson, actually—the Glas Kat Supper Club is putting the finishing touches on a facelift that included a new paint job, new lighting and other miscellaneous fixings. It will reopen today, and its website would like you to know that the Glas Kat is perfect for receptions of 80-800 persons.

3) File this in the "if you have to ask ..." category if you must, but the French Laundry is in the midst of its annual January vacation. Food Jesus will resume dinner service at his flagship on Friday, January 18th, and perhaps even more importantly, the reservation line is also closed during this time period, reopening the morning of the 18th.


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